James Valley YFC offers annual peach sales as a fundraiser to help support ministry to youth in our area. Because you buy fruit, the lives of young people are impacted forever. This fruit is hand-picked, tree-ripened, and goes directly from the tree to the box to the cooler in one operation. We receive fruit just hours from the time it was taken from the trees resulting in the freshest fruit available.

How it Works:

In an effort to conserve our time and resources, we sell our peaches right from the truck rather than arranging pre-orders.

We opt for the late season varieties because we have a high demand for cling-free/free-stone peaches (The later season varieties separate easily from the pit and are great for canning). We will update this web page as soon as new information is made available to us regarding the spefic time and date of our peach deliveries.

*Please Remember, due to picking conditions and transportation routes and issues, the following information can change with little notice.


We are SOLD OUT of peaches for this year, thank you for your support! 

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This information will be updated when new information is available. It was last updated on August 18th, 2021

Colorado Peaches 

Jamestown Location:  Buffalo Mall parking lot in Jamestown

Fruit: This load will be Colorado peaches. (see picture below)


Time of sale: 

Price: $45.00 per box



Colorado Peaches, 18lb, 2 layer box