Other Ways To Give

James Valley YFC is 100% funded by individuals, businesses and churches of our local communities and surrounding area. Since 1994 God has continued to bless this ministry by folks like you. Thank you for loving kids through YFC.

We are often asked if there are other ways to give.  The short answer is, yes, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Did you know that James Valley YFC has a Qualified North Dakota Charitable Endowment Fund? In 2008 this fund was developed to secure our local ministry into the future. Many people has taken advantage of this vehicle for a tax break by donating their yearly RMD (Required Miniumum Distribution) from their retirement accounts.   

2. Some donors prefer to donate stocks or securities through their broker. James Valley YFC has an account with Edward Jones for such an occasion.

3. The donation of land, property or automobiles can also be a way to give to YFC. These assets would be sold to benefit the ministry. 

4. In Kind donations can be a wonderful way to give and help with needs of the ministry.  Items like electronics, furniture or even professional labor costs can be receipted as an In Kind gift. (These items would be received only on a need bases, or if they could be reasonably converted into cash)