Rules of Conduct and Parent Info

Dear Students and Parents,
Thank you for being a part of Youth For Chirst! 

We want students to have a safe, fun, informative and life changing time at Youth For Christ.  This is accomplished when we all work together and understand the expectations of each person involved.

Youth for Christ owns and operates TEEN CITY which exists to aid students in what can be a difficult part of life, adolescence. YFC is a Christian organization that operates from a Biblical point of view. Our staff strive to model a Christ like attitude as we want students to know and understand God and his Word.  There is no fee for students to attend. We rely solely on donations from parents, businesses and local organizations. Any gift is appreciated and tax deductible.

The staff will treat each student with respect and equality and strive to protect students from abuse of any kind. Staff will gather student information for the purpose of knowing who the students are and to have contact with parents if necessary. Occasional mailings and/or text messages will be sent to notify students of upcoming events. 

The staff will remind students of improper language, attitudes, dress and behaviors and ask students to correct their ways if they wish to remain attending. If students do not respond to verbal warnings, students will be asked to leave for a time period determined by our staff. We are a drop-in center, so students are free to come and go as they please. Parents will not be informed when students are asked to leave unless it is deemed necessary.

For the most part, the rules of conduct that students adhere to at school will be the same at our locations.

When we work together we make this an awesome place for students to be. Thank you for reading!