James Valley Youth For Christ


The board of directors is an extremely important role for visioning and stewarding the mission of James Valley YFC. If you’re interested in using your gifts to serve in this capacity, please reach out to us.



My wife, Jeri and I moved to Jamestown in 2001. My two sons and daughter were involved in James Valley YFC activities when they were in Middle School. I am a retired school administrator, here in Jamestown and currently teach at the Anne Carlsen Center. Jeri is a Professional Counselor. As a former school administrator, I see the need for an organization like James Valley YFC. James Valley YFC offers a safe place and people who care about them. The best thing is that they get presented the Gospel, in a way that is caring and loving. I was on the Board back in the mid-2000s and am glad to be back on the board. Jamestown and the surrounding area need James Valley YFC. It is a positive light in our community.



I feel very blessed to be serving as Vice Chair of the YFC board. I am a member of Concordia Lutheran Church of Jamestown. It’s also a joy to work with others in providing a safe and Christian environment for the youth of our community and knowing there is caring staff who care deeply for them. Join me in supporting this important work.



I have been involved with Youth For Christ since I was 14 years old, from student to staff member to board member, and I love this organization! My husband, Alex, and I enjoy engaging with the Jamestown community through business, great organizations such as YFC, and our local church, Buffalo City Church. Most of our spare time is spent outdoors, and we love to travel.



It is a pleasure serving as board Treasurer for James Valley Youth For Christ. I have lived and worked in Jamestown my entire life and I’m very grateful for the ministry of Youth For Christ in our community.



I’ve lived in Jamestown since 1978. I am married to my wonderful wife Darlene and have 4 grown children. Youth For Christ is an important part of my life and I enjoy serving on the board. Over the years I have seen much growth and change in our local YFC chapter that has positively impacted many lives. I believe Jamestown has benefitted greatly because of Youth For Christ and look forward to reaching many more youth with God’s Word.



I’ve lived in Jamestown for only two and half years. Soon after moving to Jamestown I met the staff of Youth For Christ and have since been active as a volunteer with the after school drop-in center called TEEN CITY, Campus Life Club, and Valleyfair trip. I actually met my wife Anita through Youth For Christ, who was and still is a board member. So, I’m one of the newest board members but really love seeing what God does through Youth for Christ.



I’ve been involved with Youth For Christ since I was a 13 year old, as a middle school student, a volunteer, and now, as a boardmember. My wife, Emma, and I are members of Buffalo City Church. We live in the country and enjoy the outdoors, hunting, and our dog, Grizz.



My wife, Nicole and I moved to Jamestown in 2016. We attend Temple Baptist Church. As a middle school/high school student I had a great small group leader and people that encouraged me in my faith. I'm excited to serve on the board at YFC to help in making a positive impact on so many lives of the youth in our community. As adults, the encouragement and positive impact we have on the youth around us is only limited by our willingness to meet them where they are at. The youth in our community come from all different walks of life. Build a relationship and listen to them. YFC does an amazing job of doing this!



I’ve lived in Valley City for 3 years, moving here after Mike retired. I grew up in Page, ND. We have 5 grown children, all married, and 12 grandchildren. We are new to Youth For Christ and are excited to reach out to the youth in our new community. Since we’ve been here, we’ve felt led to reach out to the youth of Valley City, and believe that God’s timing of bringing Youth For Christ here is His affirmation of that leading.



I grew up in the Carrington, ND area. I am a graduate of UND, where I met the love of my life, Tracie. Retiring after more than 35 years in the US Air Force, we moved to Valley City, where we are members of First Baptist Church. I am excited to serve with the Youth For Christ program. It is vital that we strive to reach the youth of our country, especially those in vulnerable situations, helping them to see the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are our future, and our legacy will be defined by our success in showing them that we serve a loving God.